Ny princip för kolvtätning

Policy of quality

Metseals customers are in most cases companies of world class. Our goal is that the customers shall comprehend us as a co-operation partners of the same calibre in all our activities.

This means that:

  • The customer's experience of us is the base for all work in the company. Planning and following-up shall be carried out against known and measurable goals.
  • Certification of our operations according to ISO-9001 and ISO- 14001 is obvious, but the 0-fault and ideal consideration to the environment is our utmost goal, that we methodically and persistently strive for.
  • Besides the sealing product according to Metseals own patented seal types the customer shall be given technical advisory or co- operative product development that gives the customer the best possible solution. We shall in our recommendations to the customer be serious and neutral and not put our own products in favor but strive to build up an entirely confidence for Metseal as advisors and sealing expert.
  • Competent, creative and motivated employees are our biggest asses. All employees shall be given the possibility to participate, grow and be appreciated.
  • We shall develop long-term business relationships with suppliers of all types, who have a documented high level of quality.
  • Permanent changes for the better shall be built in all processes.
  • Equipment and tools shall be maintained in good condition, in order to keep quality and efficiency on a high level.
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