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Policy of environment

Policy of environment 

We will protect the environment by taking energy-saving measures, minimizing emissions, preventing pollution, developing and selling products that are fully recyclable and maintain and improve the management system.

We will continuously seek and minimize any harmful environmental effects of our operations in all parts of the company, while our Service & Product quality should always correspond to our stakeholders' expectations and environmental requirements.

We will contribute to long-term sustainable development by offering and developing products with the least possible environmental impact in close cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

The business must always be conducted in accordance with applicable environmental requirements and environmental legislation and maintain a good working environment for all employees.

Together, the above points will help us to develop, implement and fulfill our environmental policy and its requirements. Then we will be able to revise and if necessary change it. Finally, with this system, we will continually maintain the requirements and guidelines that environmental policy contains.

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