Ny princip för kolvtätning


The Metseal piston seal can cope without problem with the abrasive particles it is generating itself. Working experience from varying working conditions indicates a wide insensitivity.

As the Metseal seal can accept proportionately very rough surfaces (up to a Ra- value of about 4 μm) without the seal being damaged, the choice of surface finish has to be made based entirely upon what the system and other components permit. In comparison with seals made in soft polymeric material, experience indicates that the Metseals piston seal is far more tolerant.

If the contamination consists of residual grinding material, for example particles of aluminium oxide or silicon carbide with a hardness equivalent to half the value for a diamond, no seal can work without a heavy wear rate.

This applies to all types of seals and sealing principles including Metseal seals. The only solution to this problem is not to allow such contaminants into hydraulic components and the system.

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