Ny princip för kolvtätning

Good total economy

The principle of function of the Metseal seal differs in most cases that of conventional seals. This has brought new possibilities and properties, in the first hand to linear movements, but also to low speed rotating.

The technology eliminates the restrictions that are so closely and permanently fixed with conventional sealing systems. Metseal is very well meeting the target that the product, of which the seal is a part, shall have a low total cost of production and a lower life cycle cost. This is dependent upon the superior seal life span and the good comprehensive good functional properties. The sealing principle will simultaneously manage many very complicated and highly demanding working conditions regarding functionality. In components where Metsels piston seals are present, it is not the seal that is the weakest part, but the durable. As the seal practically does not wear the cylinder surface, but in fact improves the smoothness, the lifetime of both cylinder bore and piston bearing, will be longer. The very low wear rate on cylinder bore, piston bearing and seal ring, also results in very low generation of abrasive particles. This will have o positive influence on the purity and lifetime of the total system and thus also the total economy. The Metseal seal will accept surfaces that are both drawn over mandrel and fine turned, without decreasing the lifetime and with very low generation of metal particles. The cost for production of the components can thereby be lowered.

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