Ny princip för kolvtätning

Good operational suitability

METSEALS operation in comparison to conventional seals is characterized by the following facts:

  • Effective sealing throughout the cylinders lifetime, without change of seal, even with bad or damaged cylinder bore.
  • Effective sealing and smooth and responsive cylinder movements, together with both high and low temperatures and hydraulic media of varying type, quality and purity.
  • Unaffected by long periods of rest or storage, as for example, machinery for seasonal or military use.
  • Low friction even at low speed.
  • As far as is known, the smallest built in measurement on the market.
  • Possibility to run over holes and rifles.
The Metseal principle is a very young seal technology, which is still under rapid development. The process of development carried out together with Metseals customers, has highlighted a number of valuable and outstanding characteristics:
The functional lifetime, still with good tightness, of the seal is dramatically longer than that of conventional seals. This is especially noticeable with high pressure and when sealing against poor or damaged surfaces and by high or low temperatures as well as by polluted hydraulic media. The seal is very good endurance to surface defect and allows the cost for producing the cylinder bore to be lowered.
As the seal at the same time, in one and the same seal, has extremely good function, property by property, the seal initially has been used as problem solver and to avoid a particular problem of the application, together with opportunities of reducing total cost.
In the future, Metseal sealing system is expected to take a high market share within standard products, for example ISO-cylinders. Especially here one and the same cylinder type will be used in widely differing tasks, where the seals capacity to cope with different extreme conditions, are a fundamental qualification for the whole idea of about standard cylinder program.
For mobile machines that are svupplied to many geographical markets, with their differing weather conditions and for various applications and working conditions, one can take advantage of the Metseal seal ́s tolerance of pressure and temperature variations and simultaneous good capability regarding numerous essential functions. The producer of the machines can use one sole global solution for the sealing design, from Sahara to Antarctica.
As a result of the seal comprehensive good qualifications, as well as the extremely narrow proportions, designers can take advantage of the new conditions that the Metseal seal provide and create new compact products with have both a very good functionality and economy.
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