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About us


Metseal is a company with patented products that represent the latest developments in sealing technology for high pressure in the linear and slowly rotating movements.

The products have been out in practical operation since 1988. They are available today in a wide variety of applications in the field of hydraulics. During these years, the seal worked well in the hundreds of thousands of products and demonstrated its high technical class and its secure consistent quality.

Marketing has until now been restricted to a small number of qualified customers. It has been a goal in itself, not to broaden the marketing before the company has achieved such a standard in all that is done, that it might be an adequate development partner to companies that are world class. When this information is first distributed, starting Metseals work towards the goal of promoting the unique technology "world wide".

Metseals strength today is the sealing technique in itself, with can solve demanding sealing tasks in a winning way, together with a very rational production with high quality assurance.

Metseal focus today is directing more and more energy to introducing our products onto the market and to find efficient "world wide" distribution channels. Companies that are distributing Metseals products to different markets have good knowledge in sealing techniques. They will provide technical support to customers with low resources. They must also give big international customers with good technical resources and knowledge, a rational distribution service at lowest cost. Examples of this group are the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

Metseal is striving to establish direct contact with big OEM customers and offer development co-operation to more readily solve difficult sealing problems. Also to give the customer new and better conditions to crease totally new and improved products.

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