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Welcome to Metseal AB

Seals are often the weakest and most vulnerable machine element of the components that make up the different types of machines. It's very common that the seal is what sets the limit for the components and the entire life of the machine, its function and the need for service.

We at Metseal represent the latest developments in sealing technology for applications in hydraulics, pneumatics and control technology as well as for piston machines of various kinds, such as compressors, pumps and motors. Our products have been out in practical operation since 1988 and it’s with pride that we are able to announce that the seal have worked well in several hundreds of thousands of products ever since. That's why we at Metseal are able to prove a high class technology and a safe and consistent quality.

Until 1998 marketing has been restricted to a small number of qualified customers. One of our goals since the beginning has been to not expand marketing before it reached the highest possible standards in all parts we carry. We want to be an adequate development partner to companies that are world class and therefore we need to be world class too. 1998 Metseals work toward the goal of eventually market our unique technology worldwide started.

Today, we are there. Today we call ourselves world class. Therefore it’s important to continue to ensure that the basis for all work within the company still is based on the customers' perception of us. Today the work of the company focus on introducing more and more of our products on the market and to finding effective distribution channels worldwide. Only companies that meet our high standards may distribute Metseals products.

Our customers will always be given assistance or joint production, which gives the customer the best possible solution. We are committed to our recommendations to the customer to be serious and impartial and not favor our own products, but strive to build a complete confidence to Metseal as advisors and sealing specialist. And perhaps that's exactly why our customers call us reliable.



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